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Due to continuous pumping action of the pumps of various design such as gear pump, vane pump, piston pump, employed in a hydraulic system, releases a very high level of noise due to pumping from low pressure to high pressure. This sudden impulsive shock due to high pressure pumping into delivery pipeline generates high noise at fundamental frequency, which is transmitted as fluid borne noise in the discharge pipeline and also mechanical noise transmission to pipe work associated structures. The fundamental frequency generated depends on speed, number of pistons, vanes, gear teeth etc.

This fluid borne noise can be attenuated in a multi-chamber reactive silencer with choke tubes to form a low pass filter. Noise level to the extent of 15 to 20 dB could be reduced in this silencer. The silencer is generally designed as a pressure vessel as per ASME SEC VIII DIV I / IS 2825 or as per customers requirements.

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