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                                                 COMPRESSOR SILENCERS


Suction silencers can be rectangular or cylindrical in construction. The circular silencer is made of concentric annular acoustic cylinder enclosed in a robust steel casing with transition cone or dished end at both ends with inlet and outlet nozzles. The air/ gas enters the silencer and passes through the annular space between the concentric annular acoustic cylinders where the sound energy is absorbed. The straight flow path through annular acoustic cylinder ensures minimum pressure drop. Either steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel is provided for internals based on the customer's choice.

A 9.5 mw motor driven air compressor suction silencer (Bhilai steel plant)
Compressor Suction Silencer

A discharge silencer will be similar in construction as that of suction silencer. However the silencer casing with inlet and outlet nozzle will be designed as pressure vessel.

Discharge silencer for Bhilai steel plant


A blow off silencer will be normally a vent silencer installed in discharge by pass line of compressors. The internal construction will be similar to that of suction silencer. However in the case of discharge silencer the air / gas enters through the diffuser and passes through the straight air path between annular acoustic cylinder and escapes into the atmosphere. Normally such vent silencer is provided with a weather cowl.

By-Pass Blow off silencer for Compressor
Compressor Acoustic Enclosure
Compressor Station Noise Control - a case study

Bhilai Steel Plant
Bokaro Steel Plant
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