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                                                                                  GAS TURBINE NOISE CONTROL

We Acoustics India Private Limited(AIPL)  specialize in a wide range of Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers, Gas Turbine Exhaust System and Acoustic Enclousers. The Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers are installed in the main stack as well as at the by pass stack. With the state of art computerized design facilities AIPL is able to  design aerodynamic profiled, least resistant acoustic baffles.
The Acoustic Baffles are made of Stainless Steel materials with perforated Skin packed with mineral Fibres. Stainless steel wiremesh and Fibre Glass mat are provided for infill protection.

For high temperature applications, a combined layer of  mineral fibres and ceramic wool are used with stainless steel wiremesh and ceramic fibre mat for infill protection. For large stack silencers the Acoustic Baffles are pre-fabricated at shop and erected at sight inside the stack.

For this purpose AIPL uses mounting brackets which are welded to the stack and the baffles are inserted and positioned on the mounting bracket freely to allow thermal expansion both in longitudinal direction as well as in vertical direction upto 40mm or as per the thermal expansion requirement.

The aerodynamically designed splitters offer minimum resistant to the flow. And we have designed and supplied stack silencers to restrict the pressure drop across the silencer within 10mm of WC.

                             4 x 15 MW Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencer
                                                    for  US  Airbase - Qatar
Gas Turbine Exhaust internally Insulated
Elbow Duct
Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack with Internal
 Calcium Silicate tiles lining and SS liner
Stack Silencer for 435 mw
GT Power project - Alstom
   GT Exhaust Silencer for
Petkim Project , Turkey -Ansaldo
1 x 12.9 MW Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencer
- Siemens

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